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Why do I Need a DNA Test?

  • It provides very important psychological and emotional benefits for the child.

  • A child can not access veteran’s, insurance and social security benefits until paternity is established.

  • It allows the father to parent and participate in major medical decisions, educational and religious training.

  • It provides an accurate and valuable medical history to healthcare providers when required.

Accurate DNA Paternity Testing

There are several options when considering DNA Paternity testing, depending on your needs and on your situation, you may select a  Legal Paternity DNA Test is a Court admissible and legally defensible DNA  test analyzed and tested by an AABB accredited laboratory; or a Personal DNA Paternity Test is a DNA test that is analyzed and tested by an AABB accredited laboratory.  The results can be used for personal knowledge and are not legally defensible in court.  This test can also be performed at one of our collection sites throughout the U.S. –  A Home Paternity Test is a personal, non legal test that can be performed in the privacy of your home and is not legally defensible in court; or 3. Performing a paternity test when pregnant is called a Prenatal DNA Test.  This test involves testing a fetus or unborn child before birth for the purpose of establishing biological paternity.

Accurate DNA Testing specialists and its expert American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited laboratory affiliate partner will provide our clients with cost-effective, accurate, professional and confidential AABB DNA testing services while adhering to governing regulations, procedures for accountability & confidentiality.  Accurate DNA Testing provides the most extensive and reliable DNA paternity test with guaranteed results. Our services are trusted by attorneys, immigration specialists, physicians and US Consulates worldwide because our DNA tests are analyzed and tested by an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited affiliate laboratory.  Accredited Parentage Testing laboratories must perform testing and analysis using stringent guidelines, which non-accredited laboratories are not required to adhere.  Test results performed by these facilities are admissible in court and accepted by authorities such as Homeland Security, US Embassies and USCIS offices.

Missing or Deceased Alleged Father?

DNA Testing is available in cases where the alleged father is deceased or missing, DNA testing may be performed by testing his parent(s) – Grandparent DNA Test or an Avuncular DNA Test which is a DNA test performed on the alleged father’s brother or sister (child’s alleged aunt or uncle).  A Sibling DNA Test can be performed on a known child of the alleged father or a Medical Examiner or Coroner may also provide a blood sample or tissue sample from the deceased that can be tested.

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